Gausman to the Rescue

In the beginning there was Tillman, the rest was chaos. It was a mix of young and old, that at their best looked like a staff that you could get by with, and at their worst was a staff that you wouldn’t trot out in Bowie.

Tillman was the undeniable ace coming in and pitched like all expected him too. The tradition of the long ball, and a great bullpen kept the Orioles in the playoff hunt.

Tillman went down in August after 3 starts, the last one managing only 2 innings. There were rumors of a shoulder problem and Tillman found himself on the DL as the Orioles found themselves trailing the Jays and Red Sox. The question became, could the staff that nobody wanted get the team to the playoffs.

Now the staff entering August was a bit different than the one that began the season. Bundy found himself in the rotation, alongside newly acquired lefty Wade Miley. Miley looks like he fit in with the chaotic pitching of Gallardo and Jiménez, while Bundy was a stud.

What about Gausman? Well he’s been pretty good if you look at the underlying numbers. Since the beginning of August Gausman has made 7 starts including last night and has  gone 5-2. He’s struck out 9 twice, got 8 against the Yankees last night, and posted 19 scoreless innings in his last 3 starts.

The only blemish in the last 7 starts was a poor outing in San Francisco. Against the Giants Gausman just couldn’t find the strike zone consistently, he lasted only 4 innings finding the plate 46% of the time.

Over the last month Gausman found the plate 62% of the time, given up 37 hits in 42 and 2/3 innings, walking only 14. Six of those coming in his poor outing against the Giants.

Gausman has been pitching like the ace of the staff for the last month. With Tillman slated to return against the Tigers on September 11th, and Bundy like he is, all of a sudden the rotation looks like something you might be proud of…well at least 3/5 of the rotation.

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