The Sky Hasn’t Fallen

August was turbulent to say the least, the rotation was up and down. The bullpen has run in to trouble since the All-Star break, and the bats have been a little quieter scoring less than 3 runs in the 23 of the last 46 games. If you haven’t been paying close attention, the Orioles are horrendous when scoring less than 3.

A case for optimism can be made as Bundy and Gausman have been pitching well lately. Miley had a decent outing against Toronto, but consistency has been his problem which explains why the Mariners, also in the playoff hunt, weren’t sad to see him go. Buck should be looking for 16-17 solid innings out of these 3, knowing that Bundy will probably be held to 5 regardless of how his night is going.

The hot and cold offence needs to find some consistency for the rest of the season as the team opens the 3 game set against the Yankees tonight. If the Orioles could get Trumbo to change one thing, it would be develop Davis’ eye. Davis known for having a good eye, may set a personal record for walks this season. His OPS and OPS+ are down from last year, but that can mostly be attributed to the awful post All-Star break slump he found himself in, which has rebounded a bit.

The defence will always give this team a chance to win, the question will be if the rotation and bats show up. It all starts tonight.


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