The Reinforcements?

In the hours before August and the MLB waiver deadline the Orioles added 3 players to help in the home stretch. Kyle Lobstein, Drew Stubbs, and the ancient one that is Michael Bourn.

In Lobstein the Orioles have acquired a young lefty who couldn’t crack the rotation in Pittsburgh. Lobstein’s 1.46 WHIP, and HR/9 of 0.8 are numbers that should look familiar in the Baltimore rotation, not the upgrade necessary. That being said, Lobstein should be able to spot fill if Buck decides that Bundy’s innings are getting to high. Let’s not forget that while Bundy has been spectacular of late, he’s already pitched more innings this year than the last three combined. The troubling numbers if Lobstein is to spot fill is the high BB:K ratio at 4:5, a BAbip against of .295, and a FIP of 4.67 which really can’t get much worse (let’s hope he doesn’t try). The upside for Lobstein is the 2 years of team control, if he can find himself a grove he could be a nice addition to an already strong bullpen.

Michael Bourn, who seems like he should be far older than 33, comes to Orioles from the horrible team in Arizona. Bryan Grosnick and Steve Givraz in their article  at Baseball Prospectus note that Bourn, as you could expect, has seen his speed drop off over the last few years. He’s got a neutral WAR (0.1) and is fielding at .965, which is actually lower than Trumbo who he’ll probably take some fielding time from.

Stubbs should be the player with the most immediate impact on the O’s postseason hopes. He’s a solid defender, who will be able to help solidify the outfield that has been far less effective than the stalwart infield. With Jones recovering from a hamstring injury and Reimold struggling at the plate since the walk-off pinch hit HR against the Indians, Stubbs should have the chance in Baltimore he wasn’t getting in Texas to get some time in the outfield. It probably means that Trumbo gets more time at DH, and Kim will be given a few more days off after being an almost every day player.

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